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PERTE of Social and Care Economy

The PERTE ESyEC is a strategic project aimed at promoting the Social Economy sector, which brings together entities with social and equitable criteria that have a social welfare objective, promote community employment and defend the interests of diverse groups, taking into account values such as respect for the environment, social cohesion and gender equality.

This PERTE, endowed with more than 800 million euros, seeks to stimulate an inclusive economy, focused on people. It aims to promote and consolidate alliances between research centres, organisations, cooperatives and entities that work in the Social and Care Economy and make Spain a benchmark in this area.

Among its goals are strengthening equality policies and facilitating the conversion of companies in crisis or lacking generational relief into Social Economy companies, mainly work cooperatives, in addition to improving the competitiveness of SMEs in the sector.

On the other hand, in a society with ever-growing longevity, another one of the purposes of the PERTE ESyEC is to promote the sectors linked to the care of people and contribute to the adaptation and innovation necessary to provide a more efficient and close service.

Incidencia del PERTE de Economía Social y de los Cuidados en Políticas y Componentes