Journal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy

Publishing Standards

Guidelines for authors

  1. The aim of the Journal issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy is to promote original and hitherto unpublished works on the subjects inherent to the functions assigned to the Department. Extraordinary issues are also published when a topical subject emerges and its dissemination is held to be important and urgent.
  2. The title of the article shall be clear and concise in both Spanish and English. If necessary, a subtitle may be included.
  3. The first name and surname(s) of the authors shall appear, together with their activity and the organisation or company where he/she is working.
  4. The text shall have a maximum length of 40 pages (DIN A4 sized paper), in Word format, using font size 12. This length shall include all graphs, charts, tables, etc.
  5. Reference citations shall be included at the end of the text.
  6. A brief summary or abstract in Spanish and English shall be submitted along with the article text, as well as a keyword list in both languages.
  7. The article or collaboration shall be sent by email to the following address:

Article selection process

Submissions will be assessed by two external experts, using an open procedure. Once the assessment has been carried out the author of the work concerned will be informed about the result.

Ethical publication principles

The Journal issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy states that it is committed to preserving the integrity of the works published and to abide by the Code of Conduct & Practice for the editors of scientific journals as set out by the COPE (Committee on Publications Ethics). Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and any texts in which plagiarism is detected will be rejected. The authors shall guarantee that the works presented are entirely original. When the authors use the work and/or words of others, the latter must be duly acknowledged.

Copyright Notice

The authors grant MITES the right to use the works published, which include the rights to publishing, distributing, translating and publicising their work using any medium or means of storage.

The Journal issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy cannot be held responsible for the views expressed by the authors in their articles.

The texts may be reproduced as long as the source is acknowledged.