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Navigation guide

This navigation guide is a basic aid to properly using and understanding the LSSI Governmental Body website/portal. It is organised as follows:

  • Access and resolution

  • Website structure

  • Operation of the menu
  • Links
  • Icons used
  • Recursive options


The Inspectorate’s website/portal can be accessed via the most commonly used internet browsers.


The Labour and Social Security Inspectorate Governmental Body’s website/portal has been designed by applying guidelines, and it stands out for its straightforward image and ease of use.

The general structure considers the following blocks of information that remain stable throughout the entire website/portal:


  • MITES and LSSI logos.
  • Corporate image
  • Language menu through flags identifying the autonomous communities (in the case of the LSSI website).
  • Recursive menu with the search function, site map, contact and font change.
  • The current date.


Located on the left side of the screen. With a breakdown of the available options.

Content area:

Middle area of the page where the content indicated in the menu is developed.

Optional menu:

Always located on the right, this menu is shown on some of the content pages to highlight links of interest related to the information published.


The Labour and Social Security Inspectorate website/portal menu has two levels of content.

The first-level options do not have information in themselves and are simply used to group the second-level content.

The first-level option does not provide information. The content is delivered by clicking on the second-level option.


The links on the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate website/portal are easily distinguished because when the cursor is passed over a text that includes a link, a hand is always displayed. Moreover, texts with a link are usually underlined (with a few exceptions that should be understood as design concessions).

All the links to pages external to the Inspectorate’s website/portal open in a new page, so that when the link is closed, the page of the portal from where it was called up is still displayed.

The Inspectorate’s website/portal header includes the following links:

Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security – From the MITES logo

Main page of the Inspectorate’s website/portal – From the LSSI logo


The table below shows the icons used or likely to be used on the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate’s website/portal.

File download File download
Open file Descarga de archivo
Open link Abrir archivo

HTML file

Archivo en formato HTML

WinZip executable file

Archivo comprimido (ZIP)
WinZip executable file Archivo ejecutable de winzip
PDF file Archivo en formato PDF
Word file Archivo en formato Word
PPS file Archivo en formato PPS
Excel file Archivo en formato Excel


This means options that are always available on all the website/portal pages.

On the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate’s website/portal, these options are divided between the header and the footer.


  • Site map – Shows all the website contents. It is similar to the homepage menu.
  • Search – Search tool.
  • Contact – Opens email with the address to which technical issues or suggestions for improvement must be sent. This email should never be used for a personalised service or queries about LSSI matters. The recipient of these emails is a technician from the IT department.
  • Change font size – makes it possible to display the website/portal in three different font sizes.


  • Accessibility – includes the description of the keyboard shortcuts for the main areas of the website/portal according to browser and information on the tools used to validate the site accessibility. The LSSI website/portal must comply with WAI Level AA.
  • Legal notice – legal warning on the use of the website/portal and LSSI liability with respect to the publications appearing therein.
  • Navigation guide – brief aid for the use and interpretation of the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate’s website/portal.